1 Corinthians 13:13

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

Do You Love Me

what is the prize that you are seeking? Am I your prize? It’s not that easy for you, is it? Can you truly answer this question? Can you finally see that?

You must arrive at this place, and see this very clearly in every part of yourself: I am seeking you, seeking your love. It is not as simple as me only wanting you to be happy and for you to have the things you desire! If this were only so, you have not really grasped love.  Not even truly a hint of just exactly what I am, of why I have come.

I am love. Think about that truly. I am love. Love is all that I am totally. And all that I seek in you is the consummation of that love. I am jealous of your affections. I want you to seek me in truth, and to know me fully. This is what I want: I want you to love me as I love you. For that is the nature of love. Anything short of this is a mere echo of a representation of the truth of this love.

My love is your true connection and freedom. There is no compromise in this. My love for you does not weaken or come to an end. It is eternal in its perfect nature.

These are the things I want you to know: I am this love. I have come that you may know to some degree, even in this life, this love. That you may grasp how wide and how deep this love is.


” You must fully die to your earthly need first. To truly know me you must relinquish control 

I know that you find this very hard to take hold of. Although you desire and seek it, this love that I speak of, you have no idea how to receive it or then hold on to it.

This is the corruption that the enemy of your soul has wrought upon you. It has worked day and night throughout your life to rob you of your connection with me.  And this battle still rages as it has throughout your life. This is the eternal battle of mankind.

But I have come that you may know life. And this life is my love in your soul. It is not a stranger to you. You taste of its echo daily.  It is in the bitter taste of your heart turning from me constantly. You cannot quite hold down that which you desire. You are unhealed in this. You must seek your healing for love. As must all.


This love that you must seek will cure you. It will transcend all earthly love. It can be found, for I freely give it. It is no mystery. But you must fully die to your earthly need first. To truly know me you must relinquish all control. Only then can you really see me, and see who I am. Your Saviour.

I tell you this: A Saviour cannot save a person who does not know they are lost. I can call and call and call, but still they will not come running. They think they know best and they are adamant that they can control this world in which they live.

” For I already know your heart. But do you? 

Do you see? Only through their own destruction can most find me. Only when all else has fallen and faded, can a person truly turn their heart to me. At this moment, some turn to me in love, but still some refuse my advances. Some never truly believe this love, or can love me in return. Some are blind whilst others scream their obscenities back at me. They mock me in their trials. Dare you?


A simple thing this trust. Just do it, and trust me? Turn to me and you will find me, and you will see me. Pray to me and tell me of your heart. For I already know your heart. But do you?

Think on of what it is you desire. Turn it around and believe in me to achieve these things for you. trust me.

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