Matthew 9: 36
Because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.
His Compassion

Compassion is at the very core of my heart. It is compassion that separates me from the evil one, for without compassion what would I be?

If I did not care for you, what could I offer you?  It is compassion that is moved in love. It is love that stirs compassion. Do you see that?  Love is the undergirding of all hope. Without love there is no hope. Love is my expression of that hope in you.  I hope in you that you might know my love. That you might be rested in me because my love is sufficient for all hope to be held therein. It has no valleys, dips or troths. It is never ending and constant. It is a secure hope.

” Make peace in your heart as I have made peace with you in mine. There is always hope when you turn your heart to me 
Blessed are the peacemakers. Make peace in your heart as I have made peace with you in mine. There is always hope when you turn your heart to me, for I am all hope. I am your true course. Through every veil I can be found. Assurance in me is your guard against all loss of hope. Always remember your hope in me, for I have ordained in you my love for evermore. I have set my standard on a hill and called out from afar. I will remain constant in that call. Do you see?

Heaven is waiting for your response. Heaven responds to you. It rejoices with me that my sons and daughters have heard and heeded my call. They respond with a shout of victory at every soul that can see beyond the veil of confusion and into the hope that is in me their maker and lover of their soul.

Can you hear that cry? It is a victorious shout of hope transferred to love. By that I mean: when a soul hears my cry and my call, all of heaven rejoices because love has made a way. And love has found its home and resting place. This is why I say victory: Because there is a battle, a battle by the dark forces to steal you away from me. And this is seen in every life upon the earth.

This is why it is victory when a broken heart turns to me. You see, it is the darkness that destroys, that tries to steal and corrupt every hope that you (all mankind) have.  And in turn, every hope in me your savour. These are all lies, because I have made a way. I have defeated sin and death. And that is victory for loves sake. Rejoice with me in this great moment. Take time to see the beauty here, this beauty for ashes that I give to you.


” It is only by constantly looking at me, and looking to this hope, that you can survive the assaults upon your soul by the enemy 
It is only by constantly looking to me and looking to this hope that you can survive the constant assaults upon your soul by the enemy. You have weapons. They are spiritual. Fight with them and defeat every blow that comes against you. Do this by believing in my love for you. Do this by choosing to believe in this love above all else that you see.


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