PSALM 100:5

His steadfast love endures forever, 

and his faithfulness to all generations.

Hold on Brave Heart

Can you allow yourself to hear me, can you? I want to tell you something close to my heart. I want you to be able to receive what I tell you, I want you to be able to allow yourself to receive it.


I will not embarrass you or shame you as you feel it would. My love nestles into you if you allow it. You can be comforted by this love if you choose to be. It is about being able to allow yourself to be positioned to receive it. Do this and I will be there. I will come and be with you.


You have, unbeknown to yourself, suffered in bravery my plan for your life. You have with what little faith you believe you have, held on to a ridiculous notion. You have suffered this with heart of steel in your determination to receive from me my promises to you.

It has looked ugly and not as you had hoped or imagined. It has not added any sweet aroma or scent to your life and existence. In fact, it has had the opposite effect. It has almost taken you out at many times and unsettled you in a way you could not have planned for or begun to understand. But you have held on. You are still standing and standing with me in this hope of promise.

” My mercy is extended to you by my grace. And in that expression, is the sole expression of my love for you 

It has been a hard struggle for you and you have not seen what determination it has taken to make it this far. This determination may not look as you expect to see it. It has not been compact or cosy or resolute. But all the same, you have stood and believed that I can do this for you. You held on in desperation yes, but all the same you held on: Do you not think I knew that of you and planned it so?

Then because of this one statement and fact: Can you not believe in me to be all I say I am to you.

Can you not hold out that little bit further to believe in me above all else?  It will be well with your soul to find yourself in me at the end of this trauma to your soul. Its journey’s end will one day be found in me your maker and lover of your soul.

For these words are not false. It is indeed your soul that I am concerned with, it is your soul in heaven that I have made the sacrifice for, and it is your very soul that I love so dear.

All of the words that I speak to you sing towards this fine moment when you relinquish all hope of finding yourself in a place that does not include me. Do you know what I am saying to you here?

It is my refuge that you must find, it is my resting place that you will find and discover in time. This will be the place of both understanding, but also of letting go. Your struggle must come to an end and you must relinquish any hope of not finding me. Because I will be found.


It is only because of that love that grace can exist. It has no other option than to be that expression 

Mercy and grace is all you need to receive, mercy and grace. That is the expression of my love to you and all mankind. My mercy is extended to you by my grace. And in that grace is the sole expression of my love for you.

It is only because of that love that grace can exist. It has no other option than to be that expression. For love will always extend grace. It can do nothing else for that is the nature of things. Do you see that? My grace is sufficient because it is the fullness of my love extended to you the one I love.


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