Lamentations 3:22
The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; his mercies never come to an end.
Journey into the Heart of Man

Do you want to hear my words, or be entertained? Then the journey into a man’s heart is where we must go to find your answer. Take my hand and I will lead you out the other side and into greener pastures, I will be your guide and your confidant in this journey of redemption.

For surely a man needs redemption if he is not to remain lost forever. He needs to be saved from his evil desires and wickedness of his ways. This is the facts of it that you must face. There is much forgiveness, remember that and come with me. I have forgiven so much that I could have left as lost but as I told you, for loves sake I would never do that. So I redeemed what was redeemable and that which had fallen. For what has fallen I make an offer to bring up and into right standing with me. I cannot mend your ways but I can redeem them and offer you forgiveness for your sins.

” I felt your pain and I know your anguish, I suffered with you on that cross, and now I know the pain of man 
This is the heart of my redemption for all the saints that acknowledge my son and his sacrifice on that cross.  But this is more than that, it is love made manifest for all the world to see if they choose to open their hearts and see with understanding my heart of love and acceptance of their fallen nature. I have redeemed them on that cross at Calvary where my son gave up his life for you my sons and daughters.

This was only made possible by my heart of love for all of you and everyone of you. Even those that will not choose me I still love and hold out my hand to the last. This I always want made known for all the world to see, that I am not a cruel hearted God of vengeance, but a lover lamenting the loss of his beloved one. This is my true heart and who I am.

I see your weakness, and remember all I have told you about that weakness, it is tenderness to me and moves me to compassion. Even a mustard seed I see. I rejoice in the little and the lot. I am not jealous of the lot for I need little.

Do you see? This is my heartbeat to care for the lost and the broken, this is what love does. And now do you see? This is love, it cannot do anything else but protect. It is its very nature and I am perfect love. I will always come after the little and the lot. Do you see, do you see? I am the power and the glory, in me there is no turning. It is eternity, there is no turning from my heart, it is unchanging in its love for you. This is who I am by nature. I am who I say I am. I am the great I am and lover of your soul and always will be forever and ever. It’s not even that this is truth, it’s just and purely that it is.

And on that cross I suffered as you suffer. I did that for you. I laid down and ate of your sorrow and sickness and groveled in the filth of mankinds sin. It was the only way to redeem you. I had to suffer as you suffer, to feel the indignation of your sinful nature, your anguish of heart at the loss of that which was destroyed in the fall of Satan to fiery pit of hell and hades. He destroyed what was good in you when he tempted you in the garden. He stole from me that which was most precious to me. He thought he had won but he forgot who he was and who I am.



”I suffered all your inequity that you might have life and know my love for you 
I felt your pain and I know your anguish, I suffered with you on that cross, and now I know the pain of man. I am not a stranger to it and now in that knowing I was able to offer a way back to me and my heart for those that would follow.

Do you understand what I am telling you. This is deep understanding of who I am and how I know and understand you and your wickedness of sin. I to have now tasted of it on that cross at Calvary and it is etched on my heart forever as a sign for all creation to know and marvel at.  And it is a sign of true love, and the truth of love and acknowledgment that love can never fail.  Yes, this is my sign for all eternity, etched on his side the pain of suffering for your names sake. I suffered all your inequity that you might have life and know my love for you. I made a sign for the enemy of your soul and I cast him down. I made a sign and a display for the world to see. I am that sign for in me is my son and my son is in me.

This is love and always will be love. Love’s sign for redemption that I might lower myself to this grave to win back what was mine. To ambush in the enemy camp before his very eyes the seeds of love he had thought he had stolen from me by his tempting of that seed. His is eternal damnation. His is foolishness, for as I said, I created him to be, and offered him all that I have offered you. But he chose sin and revelled in his choice. For he believed he was above me in every way. He has been cast down and I have wiped away my tears of sorrow at this loss.



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