Psalm 110:1
Sit at my right hand, until I make your enemies your footstool.
King Above all the Earth
He asked me what is his name? King above all the earth, Father of all the nations. What does that mean to you?  What does it mean in your heart? Have you considered it and let it take root?

It is a good root to let take hold of you. For it means you share in the fullness of all things because I am your father and if you but realise just who your father really is then who can be against you that can do you any harm. Do you see that, who I am and who I am saying I am to you. Of all the earth, that means there is nowhere that you can go that I will not reach you. It’s not that you can’t hide, it is that I am with you no matter where you are. I will always be there ever present to watch over you and protect you. All you have to do is call, seek and ask.

” Every child of mine is planted where I wanted them to be for my eternal purpose in their life 

My fatherhood is to all nations, all the nations, every last one of them until the ends of the earth. I will reach into all the earth and I will seek my beloved from among these nations for they are scattered among the earth as I saw fit. Every child of mine is planted where I wanted them to be for my eternal purpose in their life. Do you see the vastness and richness of my plans for all your lives.

It is and never was that any soul should suffer any loss, but it was taken from me by the one who would destroy you if he but could. He stole my very heart when he tempted creation away from me. My creation, I created it to be loved, to be nourished and nurtured in sonship. To be called sons of the most-high living God of all the earth, for that was and is always to be your inheritance. Seated with me beneath my wings. This is my desire for you even now. It still is and always will be the same desire. Nothing has ever changed and it never will. I am who I say I am. I am the living God who loves with an everlasting love. My heart is strong and complete in whom I am. I am the great I am. This is eternal and for all eternity.

All I ask is that you love me. But to love me you must first see me. To see me in your heart, to know whom I truly am. Not just by my spirit but to know who I am, to see love, for as I told you, love has the power to set us free. Love is the key to all your needs. And that love is from me, I made you and know exactly what you need.


” It is about communion with me in the deepest recesses of your heart

This is not as you have suspected, it is not about encounter or flashes of light but is about kneeling before the one who can set you free. It is about communion with me in the deepest recesses of your heart. Because that is where you store all the pain of your life and existence. It is a spiritual container and can only be set free by the one who made it so. I am the container that will contain you. I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. I am the lover of your soul.

And yet you in some ways you still fear me. You fear what you cannot conceive or understand. You want to compartmentalize that which is beyond your control. Do not worry all mankind is this way. This is part of who you are, a fallen creation. But this is what makes you who you are also, and is part of why I love so much that which cannot choose its own path. By that I mean, it is impossible for man to find his way home on his own, unless he chooses his own destiny and follows the evil desires of his own heart even when revealed to him, what choice is that at all. It will only lead to destruction and that is not destiny that is death. But it’s a path many choose because of the hardening of their hearts to me their maker.

Choose love for love’s sake. Do not listen to the voice of the one who accuses you. He has no hope in him. He can only deceive and manipulate to get his needs met. He is wickedness and darkness. He has no light and cannot see even his own path. We know where he is destined but still he tries to foil the plans of the saints. Still he dabbles in the minds of man hoping to destroy just that little bit more of me in you. His only existence is destruction and evil desires. He has no hope in him. But you, even in your misunderstanding and loss can still hope in me.

There is reason in your struggle. You are not fully in the light but you strive to change and be delivered of your own ways. You seek a hope in me and that is worth more than gold.  I needed you to see the wickedness of the enemy and the wickedness of man. To discern the heart of a man we must first look at his motives. Does he desire sin above all else? Is he committed to his evil desires or does he struggle in his ways and paths. If his desire is not destruction then he will turn to me and I will welcome him in. He will be seated with me and I will call him son. I am the hope that resides in every heart. I am always there and will always be stretching out my hand of love to mankind. It is a man’s choice how he responds to that hope in me.


” I am not the crooked path, I will straighten your path as you turn to me in all your ways and seek me for your daily bread
Hope in me, hope in me above all else. I am true and know your heart. I am to be trusted and I will rescue you from your darkness. I am the riches of your heart. I am the seed of hope that lies in the unseen trial of a persons life.

I am not the crooked path, I will straighten your path as you turn to me in all your ways and seek me for your daily bread. I have bread enough for each and every day of a man’s life. I am eager to distribute it fairly to all. I will bless everyone who loves me and never leave them without shelter. I will rebuild their ruins and strengthen their ramparts. I am the Alpha and the Omega. I am your God who loves you each and everyday. As the sun shines so my Son shines on you, he brings light into your life. Without him your hope would have been dim. There would have been no way back to me and my heart were it not for what he did for you on that cross at Calvary. This is truth to you and justice for mankind, that he took the punishment of sin and death, he payed the price for you. This is truth that you must know in your heart. He paid in full the price of sin.

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