Isaiah 53:5 

He was bruised for our iniquities,
The chastisement for our peace was upon him.

No Journey Too Far

Drifting. Am I drifting? Let it wash over you like you once were able to do.

This is how you once came to me. It is a method you have lost the art of. Just let me come to you in a quiet anticipation of your own heart towards mine. Wait patiently in that place once again. Just like you used to do?

I know the pain that is in you, the disappointment of those long lost hopes. I know all of them. But now is a new time. It is not the old time, as that has now past. There is nothing you can do to reclaim that moment. It is past and there is new yet to come if you allow it’s space to enfold you. If only you could wait in belief for this moment yet to come. The best is yet to come.

I know you try hard to resist that as a positive in your heart. I can hear your hearts rejection of that hope. I can hear it well. I will work with you to remove that pain if you let me. It has always been my intention to shift your heart to this new place, this new place of trusting in me and me alone.

” Find me in the hills and valleys of your life. I am easy to see, never once have I taken my eyes off you 

You will one day no longer remember your own grief in your journeys and travels. You will no longer have memories or times of remembrance of these things. For you will only know that I am yours and you are mine. And this will be all your security forever. The old will pass away and the new will be your all in all. This will be your safe harbour and sanctuary in me. This is the plan that I am working in all mankind.

I am the gatherer of my chicks. So, wash away your tears and look for me. Find me in all the hills and valleys of your life. For I am easy to see. I have not hidden from you ever. Never once have I ran from you. never once have I taken my eyes off of you. Never.

I saw all your fears and inadequacies. All of them never once changed my love for you. This is the way of my heart for you when you choose to see me clearly and without a blinded vision. When you choose not to look away from me or turn aside at my calling.


” They have all turned their backs on me at some time. And all of them I have loved with the same passion 

Everyone you have ever met or admired has had these same struggles with me. They have all turned their backs on me at some time. And all of them I have loved with my passion, the same passion that I will continue to pursue you with. You are not special, but you are special to me. You are loved by me and I have given all I had to give for you. I just wait for you to return whenever you are ready.

Come back to me in your time and I will still be waiting. You see, I know your timings and your turnings. I know when you will respond and I know when your heart can take no more. I let you run when you need it and I will call you back when you have run your course. I am patient and kind, your ever loving king.


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