psalm 144:4

Man is like a mere breath;
His days are like a passing shadow.

No Shadow

In your heart, you want to turn from me. You want to turn from me because you can’t face the pain. It is, whether you see this or not, a turning from the acknowledgment of my pain suffered for you. It echoes your searing pain. And that is what its intention always was.

I have suffered as you suffer, and it was an exchange to shift your heart.To make your heart see, however long that takes, the divine romance of my love towards you.

What other way could I have achieved this?

Could I have made all things new again by just speaking a word of life other you? A word of new life over you? I can create by my word, by my thought. I can create the mountains and place in those mountains waterfalls. I can fill the oceans with that water that flows throughout the earth, but what life is in that? What love is there in that?

” I cannot flee from love as you can in your broken state. I cannot hide in any shadow, for I am the fullness of light 

For you see, we are spirit. And my spirit is love. I cannot flee from love as you can in your broken state. I cannot hide in any shadow for I am the fullness of light. I have no place to run to, I only can search your heart for a resting place for mine. This is the truth of who I am. I am above and beyond all you can see or imagine. I am all existence that enfolds you.

I am the horizon and the bottomless pit, I contain your despair and I am the bringer of all hope, the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. And I have overcome all this for you. I have contained all your shortcomings in my plan for your life. I have driven all darkness from our door.

You, you are grafted into me. You are sealed into me by my very blood, the very life force that I gave unto you.  I breathed life into my son and shed his blood to show you my own state of disrepair over your abandonment of me. I overcame for you when you had no idea of my heart towards you: your father, your lover, your all in all.

” Your existence is in me and only in me 

For without me you have nothing. You would have no coming or going. No day or night or passing of time. Your existence is in me and only in me.

Satan cannot own you, he can only devour you. He can only steal you from me. He is no adversary to me. He cannot complete his own task, he has no power that I have not allowed. He has no ability to crush that I have not allowed. His days are not without end.  His days have been numbered and given a conclusion. His time is limited. He has many restrictions.

Do not fear him but instead turn your affections to me. Believe all I have told you. let me fill your heart with my motion.

” The door will be sealed and darkness will never enter through that door again 

Let me dream into your heart new life from above. Let me steer you home and into new horizons with me. Clear all your perceptions as I bring you home closer to my heart of rest.

Crush the enemy at your feet. Spring clean your house and make way for me.

Lay your table at my feet. Cry out to me in your anguish and I will achieve these things for you. I will give you your room in my heart. I will throw away the key and there will never ever be a way back for you. The door will be sealed and darkness will never enter through that door again. We will call this new place our home and you will dwell there forever with me.


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