psalm 89:9

You rule the swelling of the sea;
When its waves rise, you still them.


Can you see the waves, the gentle lapping of tides upon the shore?

This is my ocean, and it is unchanging and unswerving in its accuracy. It is timeless and without end, and its heart is me.

Walk upon its waters and swim in its depths. Do not fear its tides. Do not be swayed by opinion. This is my deep. This is my place of abode. Calm waters to bring rest to your soul, an encouragement to your heart in times of need and beyond. It will not let you down. It’s very presence is your reward. It washes over you and heals you. It travels with you in your need. It stays closer than a brother.
” I have shared with you and shown you my ocean, which is my heart that never ends 

Dip your head down. Go under its surface and see its delights. Do not linger at the shore any more. Come home to me. Enter these gates I have opened to you. Stroll along its shore. Take from its breeze. Relax in its presence for this is me that you see. This is my presence for all time waiting for you. An ocean without end. Its presence has taken away the anguish of your heart. Its presence is my covenant to my people.

I have shared with you and shown you my ocean, which is my heart that never ends.  But my people have not heard or seen. Many have not travelled to this place yet. 


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