Ecclesiastes 3:3

To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.

Pain, Forgiveness & Redemption

The fact is that there are some that cannot be saved for they have chosen another path. Oh that I wish it were not so, but all I can do is open the door and reach out the hand. I cannot drag them through because that is not love.

But your brokenness is your blessing, for without it you would be lost forever. Lost in the wilderness. Be thankful, thankful even for that darkness, for without it you would not be able to even glimpse the light. For as you know that darkness, it gives you a desire to search for more, to look for me, to know me as your God who will lead you out of the dark pathways and lift you up into the glorious light of eternity and love you as my child forever.

It is great blessing to be crushed, and to see the glory of your salvation and the riches I have stored up in heavenly places for you. Also for all those who will answer the call and come up to where I am, far above the furrows of their souls that dwell in the sunken pits of Satan. His is eternal darkness and nether destined to see the light. Can you imagine that, to dwell in that darkness forever, that a man on earth would conceive of that and choose that, I cry for you that you will run, run to me and to the light.

”All your sufferings and all your life’s journeys are to find your way back to this love 


Choose it with your whole heart when you see it for what it truly is. I tell you this because it is the truth and I want to call you out of that and bless you as a son

For as I told you of the riches of heaven and the love of your father, I also have to let you know the reality of what you are being saved from, for this is the message of the gospels I gave to all who will hear my voice. There truly is an ever present darkness for you on earth. But I the great king of your heart, I will rescue you from all this and take you to the heart of my throne in heaven, where you will dwell for all eternity in security with me. And so it is for all the saints of the earth that I have redeemed through the blood of my son.


It hurts doesn’t it, the pain and anguish in your heart and in your soul. It’s the pain of not knowing me, not knowing who you are and your place in all things. For you do not know how to allow me in. You have glimpses of my glory and majesty but you do not know me fully. If you had seen me for who I truly am, you would not struggle with these things but cling to me for more of me. Your security would be fully in me and the struggle would not be a struggle but a joy.   



By listening to my voice, you will hear my forgiveness because I am forgiveness. I have forgiven all. I have redeemed all by that forgiveness. For I am love and love always forgives. In me is perfect union and peace. In me you will find all your needs met for I made you and know exactly what you need.      



The redeeming power of my love, you have to see that without love all these words are just that: words. It is the redeeming power in my love for you that has the power to heal and save. Love, how can I even begin to explain to you its power to set free, it is the force of my existence and all that I am. I am love. All love is in me and will ever be that way for all eternity. All your sufferings and all your life’s journeys are to find your way back to this love, this glorious love without spot or wrinkle or blemish. For truly this is what lies beyond the gate, beyond the veil of your seeing. The fullness of the glory of who I am is love. It is what has made it possible for me to redeem you my creation. Without love this would not be possible. Without love you could have never have been redeemed.    


” For what have I redeemed you? It is for love’s sake 


For what have I redeemed you? It is for love’s sake that I have redeemed you. Love does not have to be imagined or written about, love is. For when you find it you will know it, and you will be restored and you will be redeemed and know that you are forgiven. You will know the love of your maker your father and lover. I cannot describe to you love. It cannot be known by reading my book even. It can only truly be known by meeting me, the object of that love. This is the homecoming, the restoration, the forgiveness and the redeeming of all things in me. Love will be the standard and sanctuary of your heart.


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