Psalm 144:7

Stretch out your hand from above: rescue me and deliver me out of great waters.

Rescue Plan

Severed by tears is your heart. Broken by despair is your soul.

This is and would be your eternal loss if it were not that I had come back for you. If it were not that I had run after you and pursued your heart, thus revealing your loss.

I have averted tragedy of your soul by dying for you. For death is where you were heading, fully alone in despair.

A bridge exists, light held out to you. Beyond hope is this assurance. It is a security I have guaranteed for you by my very own actions. No moss can come to spoil this assured result.

For no eye has seen or ear heard fully what I have prepared for you my bride, my beloved one, my cherished creation in whom I have planted my very own spirit and peace.

I have left nothing aside in this action that I took upon myself.

I suffered as was your want: by that, I mean that you as mankind wanted to taste your own freedom, to wander free, and with liberty. To build edifices of useless abandon, never even once looking up to where I lay. Never once seeing my hand in your own life. Fully blind to my suffering for you.

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