Proverbs 21:2

Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.

The Longing of the King

I am the King of all the universe, remember that. Do you think I need much? Do you ever imagine what a King longs for?
I long for honesty. If you are weak and you acknowledge this, then I rejoice in that weakness with you, for it will draw you to me. You will be able to open your heart and accept who I am. You will allow yourself to see your need of me. Blessed is the man, as I have told, you who cannot choose his own path for he will turn to me in that weakness. Yet I will say he is strong, I will tell him he is an overcomer and a conqueror because what man sees as strength I see as falsehood. I created you for love and for love’s sake. If you choose your own way then what hope is there for that man.
I have told you what awaits those who follow their evil desires. They will find what they are looking for but forfeit eternal life with me, the one that made them. They will never arrive home to the one who knew them from the beginning.

Do you see how saddened that made me. I created them to be loved by me, all of them. There were no mistakes and never will be. I had hopes for them all. I do not desire that any would be lost. Do you understand what I am saying? I made you in my image, I have a heart like yours, I felt your pain as a man, I cried your tears as a man, I wept with you in your sorrow on that cross. Do you see? My heart ached as yours at my loss.

” I long to share my heart with my children if only they will listen “

But I have overcome and I have my eyes set on one goal and that is your heart. I know who are mine. I have searched the heart of man and found love. I have longed to tell you these things.

You are no different to any other one I love. I long to share my heart with my children if only they will listen. Those that think they are ready are not always where they think they are and those that feel lost are sometimes very near. Only I know the heart of a man. For I have searched the earth and found my desire. I have found my remnant who will search for me until they find me.


I left you all in the dark at first so that I could be sure of your love and so that you could search for me in the innermost crevasses of your heart and soul. For a man is unsure of even himself. He needs a Saviour to guide him home.

It is a wonderful thing when a person admits their need of me. They come to the end of themselves and allow that door to open, however briefly, but in that moment, in that precious moment, I will come and make my home in you my beloved. This is who I am, I am love and I will always love you. Once you were far but now you are found and I am calling you home to be with me.


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