Proverbs 17:3

The crucible is for silver and the furnace is for gold, but the Lord tests the heart.

The Rhythm of the Testing

I command the angels. I command the flows of this world, and the flows in your life. I send the clouds, and I send the storms. I send the good things also? I command these things in your life. I decide these timings and seasons. I decide the places that these things aspire. I command these moments into your life. I do all these things independent of your actions.

Look out for these things, and for my timings in your life. Keep a watchful eye for these moments coming your way. A chance meeting could come your way without you knowing or expecting, it would be by my degree and command, and in my timing for my purposes. Like a healing balm at the exact right time. For I know when my work is complete in any particular area. I know what will achieve the right movement in the right moment, and to achieve a new thing in your life. I know when enough is enough. I know all these things and have already made advance plans for their execution.

” If I left your wounds wide open: what kind of physician would I be 

I have laid bare all your heart wounds and added much needed salt to them. I have prepared your wounds for the next stage in this healing process. I have opened them up and made them subtle and needy. But also, I have grown you in understanding in the right areas. Much process and healing has gone by within this time, and now is time for balm. For if I left your wounds wide open: what kind of physician would I be? Trust me in this.

All of this, all of the journey and all of your life, and all of your suffering and pain – is not superficial. It is not something that you just passed by. It has a purpose. Because where you will end up is at my side and in my eternal heart with my love forever. This is the journey of your soul to see just who I am. And to know what I am. To see with your own eyes, my face.


” I want you to see me as I am. Not what others tell you I am 

I want you to see me as I am. Not what others tell you I am. I want you to know me, and to know beyond all human doubt, just what I will do for your souls return.

I have made my plans known to you and I am about executing them as you travel towards me. You have not arrived at this journeys destination yet. You are only on your way there, so do not expect to be able to see that destination. You can only guess at what this place may look like. You cannot know fully until you arrive if that guess matches the truth of that destination.

I have given you glimpses through dreams and through visions. All you have to do is keep traveling and to believe in that moment of arrival. This is your part of this transaction.

I will prepare the place for your arrival, in fact I have never stopped from making these preparations every step and turn of your journey. You are still on this course. And you can expect to see its end.



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