Isaiah 40:12

Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand.

They Will no Longer see a River

Do you see?  Has your heart heard?​ This river, this river that you come to. What is wrong with this picture?  Do you see boundaries in this river?  Has it banks on either side?  Where does this river’s end meet the ocean? These are the questions I ask of you today. Where does this river’s end meet my heart? 

The river has no end because it is not a river but an ocean. It is without end. It is representative of my heart to you and to all mankind. I am without measure and overflowing.

I have been restoring. I have been restoring the river in mankind’s hearts, but what is coming is my ocean. The tsunami that you hear speak of can only come from an ocean. This sort of power does not flow in a river.

It will emanate from my heart, my heart deep in the centre of that ocean. It will come as a cry from my heart. A call to arms to arise and a cry in battle for redemption. It will have the sound of thunderous waters. It will travel with the speed of light for it will bring great light. It will wash over many and cleanse them all. They will no longer see a river….

” It will start with a whisper and end with my heart 

What will they see? My heart as wide as an ocean and in that ocean will rest my heart. This is coming and it cannot be stopped. It will start as a whisper and it will end in my love. The sound of many hearts turning to me their saviour and their lover.



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